Training at Home

No training in the used environment and with the needed equipment. Impacted are the members of our Premier League Team as well as the 12 members of the regional federation squad, national sqad members and down to the youngest gymnasts, who are part of our selection program. All in all more than 40 juniors, additonally released from visiting the school and this without gymnastics as their daily favorite hobby, and for an uncertain time frame.


It should not stay this way, thought Sebastian Bock, since some years one of the dominating gymnasts of our Premier League Team and himself impacted by the lockdown of our training gym. He wroe a training concept for staying at home - graphical and enriched with explanatory sketches - which serves for the time being as a guideline mainly for our junior gymnasts, to improve their atheltic capabilities (power, flexibility, endurance). Of course not limited to our juniors: whoever like to share them virtually, can see or download the program here.